Friday, October 8, 2010

Okay this is it...maybe!

 Since John got home yesterday Kels met us down at the park to take some pictures of our family of five!  The boys were uncooperative to say the least...we did get a few good ones...but a lot more not so good ones.  Here are some of each.

One of the good ones.
 my 4 boys :)
 Our best shot from the bridge
 I love this one
Now for the outakes...
I am sure that everyone has seen the pictures of families walking where the kids are looking up smiling and then it just shows the legs of the mom and dad...I LOVE those pictures.  Our boys however DO NOT like to hold hands while they are walking...we made them try and this is what we got! hahaha
And then this happened!  Luc sat down, Nate cried harder and Matty busted loose!  He is actually totally in the air in this picture, both feet off the ground!
Baby Pile-up!
Although we did get some awesome pictures I still may try for a few more later this weekend...maybe!


Ali said...

hahahahahaha these are awesome! SO funny! it's great to keep some 'real' moment pics too.

Christie said...

BHAHAH Love the walking on the bridge pic! Tripet on the left (?Matty?) looks hilarious! Love it Stace! Great pics!

Amy and Andrew said...

Your family is so cute! I especially love the photos of you guys holding their hands on the bridge.

Kelsey said...

oh my goodness, even the bad ones are good! the best in fact! bahahahaha, oh goodness, I had a blast out there with you guys! as hilarious and frame-worthy as I think they all are, I'm glad we got a couple with everyone looking their best - bridge and bench both turned out great!! anytime you think you're ready for more, maybe when the boys are 3 or 4...or 12 or 13, I'm there!

Twin Engines said...

bwahahahaha! We're doing fall family pics on Friday and I was thinking of doing that same pose, but I bet I'll get what you got!!!

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