Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Little Gleeks!

Last fall my mom and sister and I became 100% addicted to GLEE. Since my Mom was staying with us my sister would come over and we would watch it EVERY Wednesday, and then usually again on Thursday and then most likely once more time before the next new episode. Well last night it came back after a CRAZY LONG break and was I ever excited. We had a lot going on last night so I PVRed it and watched it with the boys this morning...3 times! (I know I am such a Gleek! hahaha) The boys LOVE the songs, here are some pictures of them watching the first time!
Lucas Loving it!Matthew could not take his eyes off of it.
Nathan's reaction after he saw how Sue tricked the principal!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha I'm pretty sure I looked just like them the whole episode...just staring and smiling and the shocked face at Sue Sylvesters antics!! You've definitly got 3 baby gleeks on your hands!! lol

watch again this weekend?!

aunty k

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