Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Brunch!!!

Last weekend GG-ma and GG-pa Sinclair came home from Arizona, and were they sure surprised at how big the fellas were (and what good jumpers they are!). This weekend Gauntie Sue (great aunty Sue) and Guncle Greg (great uncle Greg) came down to visit so we had a lovely Sunday brunch over at Grammy and Grandpas house today (brunch seems to have become a common event in our lives lately since it is right after the boys get up from their morning nap!).
Here is Gauntie Sue and Nate (Guncle Greg looking on worried that all the flashes are going to blind the babies by the time they turn 1!)GG-ma Sinclair and Matty

Aunty K and Luc playing with the fun toys at Grammy and Grandpas

GG-pa and Nathan

Luc and Nate taking a round out of the new Dinos

Lucas trying to hide his cookie so that Daddy doesn't steal it!
Luc hanging out with Grammy and Aunty K
Gauntie Sue brought the boys each a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and on the way home Aunty K decided to put them on to entertain the boys!

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