Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

What a WONDERFUL long weekend we had! John got off work early on Thursday and then had Friday off so it was so nice to have him home for the extra time this week. On Friday John and the boys and I went for a walk in the sunshine, then Aunty K came for a swim with us, and then we went to Nana and Papas for a turkey dinner...there are no pictures because someone {cough cough...JOHN} forgot the camera!
This morning we woke up and Easter (when I was little I actually thought that the bunny's name was Easter) had come to visit us. Here are the boys trying on a pair of ears that Easter left for them...

Since the boys are too little to have any chocolate the bunny drew them some pictures on the eggs in our fridge
And here are the eggs that Aunty K and I made for our family

We had chicken and ribs for supper at Grammy and Grandpas house today, the boys each got to chew on a bone and they LOVED it....although I do not know how much John is going to love trying to get the BBQ sauce out of their shirts!
Nate and Aunty K
Luc chewing away
Mommy and Matthew
A few more bunny ear pictures...
Kels and I made desserts for dinner today and they turned out SO good I just had to post a picture of them. We made chocolate "egg shells", filled them with chocolate mousse and then topped them with whipcream and mini eggs...mmmm
okay well 2 pictures!
Here is our Easter 2010 family shot (the boys are all watching GAK dance!)
And of course we have to have one with Bones too!
We hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Easter too!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad there was no "nanny cam" to catch the dancing, but it worked! Those are beautiful family shots. Glad I could help!GAK

The Roths said...

Great family picture! I love your egg decorating skills too.

KimnSteve said...

Cutie, cute, cute! You've got the smiliest boys ever! And those eggshells look fabulous!

The Silers said...

I am in awe, you are way cooler than Martha Stewart. Colored Eggs, chocolate/chocolate/chocolate eggs (which look delicious by the way), the egg drawings and triplets. Seriously Martha couldn't keep up with you if she tried. You are my hero. Nice work!

Amy and Andrew said...

Love the ears!!!

Tricia & Miki said...

where are Avery's bunny ears?
Great seeing you guys on the weekend.

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