Monday, April 19, 2010

Are you my daddy???

The boys and I had a wonderful day today, we went for a wonderful walk, did some fun jumping, good napping, and a trip to costco (what wonderful day is complete without a trip to costco!) Usually when the boys come they just ride in their stroller and I grab the things I need and we are on our way...but today we went with Mel and her boys so we were able to fit all the boys into carts, we were quite a sight!

Here are the 5 boys all loaded up and ready to head in (Gavin is hiding behind Bennett and Nathan)Matty and Luc

Bennett, Gavin and Nate

The costco trip was quite a success, the boys loved riding in the carts...Nathan especially loved when he reached over and stole Bennett's sample of crab least we know he is not allergic to fish now!!!

Last night after the boys went to bed we shaved John's head...the boys were pulling his hair ALL THE TIME so it had to go!!! When John got home from work today the boys had trouble recognizing him...

Nate looking at Daddy...


Luc knew it was him right away...

"Your hair looks different today dad...but I know it is you!"

Matty had to be convinced...

"I am still not quite sure you are my daddy"

It took awhile but Nate finally figured out that this was in fact his daddy!


KimnSteve said...

These pics are adorable! I love the everyday stuff!

Tim and Darcy said...

That last shot is SWEET!!!

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