Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What they do...

I signed up for "The Joy of Love".  For the month of February I get an email every morning with a prompt of what to take a picture of.  Each prompt involves taking a picture of someone/something you love.  Today's was to take a picture of someone you love doing what they do...so here are my three little loves doing what they do...

They hang out with Daddy

They suck on things...
Matty sucking on his blankie, Luc sucking on Scortch's tail, and Nate sucking on his thumb and snuggling his taggie!

they snuggle their brothers

they make faces

they watch tv upside down

they play with the remote

they drive their cars

they climb on dad

 they horse around on/under their table

 they make faces

 they giggle

they dance

they make faces at their dancing brothers

they high five

they throw things! (that orange ball was just thrown by MB)

These pictures were all taken within about 10 minutes...they are BUSY, that is what they do!


Ali said...

Love this!! So good to show just HOW busy those boys are!

Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...

I love how you say "here are my three loves" and then there is a picture with Johnny and the boys. haha poor Johnny!

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