Monday, February 21, 2011

telephoning toddlers

The boys LOVE phones, but usually our two phones leaves one of the fellas empty handed...but Aunty was over today so there were enough phones to go around!  Fun times...

Matthew playing a little angry birds

Time-out to take a call from...


He had some VERY interesting stuff to tell his bro!
 Then Matty had to call Luc...

"Lucas you will never believe what Nate just told me..."

"No way"

"yes way"
 "I am that funny!"

Time for some texting...
 Aunty calling Matty
 Calling Grandpa... (he actually did call him)

Hey Grandpa! 

Not quite sure who he was talking to here...but he was pretty excited about it!

 Still Chatting

I love Matty in the background of this picture!

The boys have made several calls from the home phone and from our cells...if you were on the recieving end of one of those calls and were not quite sure what was going on...sorry.  They have also sent some texts, downloaded some apps, and they have a funny little email in draft!

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Jen said...

Hi Stacey :-)
Jen from Etsy here. I love all your pix of the boys! I remember that fun age (when we still lived in a "gated" community, LOL) Pardon the stupid question, but are the boys identical? My trips are fraternal (the boys, I mean...obviously not my daughter ;-) I always kept Matt in blue and Josh in green when they were little and that got tough after 1 year when Matt really took off growth-wise and got about 2 sizes ahead of the other 2. He's the most like his dad who is 6 ft. 3. (I'm a near midget at 4 foot 11 :-) Matt is now about 6 inches taller and 12 lbs heavier than the other two, so most people ask if I have twins and I have to go through the whole explanation that no, they're all the same age and no one believes me and I say, "Trust me. I was there when they came out!"
I have a blog, too, about the family. (You'll see why I made my Etsy treasury when you see the blog name.) Thanks so much for sharing! It's always nice to meet other MOMs.

Best, Jen

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