Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Today was like a bonus day in our house because John gets tomorrow off too!  Because of this we kind of had a lazy morning...we did however have a busy afternoon!

I think that I have said this once or twice before, but the boys are playing together more and more every single day!  It is so funny for John and I to be out in the kitchen and hear them all go roaring into their room and after that all we hear is non-stop giggles!  LOVE IT!!!

Here is Matty running by me to get into his room with his brothers.

so. fast.

this is when I peaked into their room...kind of like a mind your own business look hey!
 but it was not long before they were back at it!
 so cute!
 Luc was not feeling 100 % so he spent some time with Daddy watching the heritage classic.

My little Nater tot!

Luc decided to come and join the fun.

 Now in the next few pictures keep your eye on Matthew in the background...

one foot up...

 two feet up...

One of his brothers decided to join him...

and he kicks the leg over...I have NO IDEA where he gets this flexibility, certainly not from John or I!  For some weird reason he ALWAYS wants to be in Nathan's crib!

Lucas making faces for the camera!  He has been doing this squinty eye thing whenever I try to take a picture of him lately.

Another picture that I LOVE both the main part of the picture and the background...

More running around...always making noise too!

Quick break

Nathan James

Break over, back to playing!

Before bed lately the boys have been having a little "quiet" time.  Here they are tonight watching toy story...
Nate & Taggie with Luc & Scortches 1 and 3

Matty and Daddy having a snuggle...I love this one!

We have nothing major planned for tomorrow...just more of the same :)

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Kelsey said...

oh my GOODNESS!!! SO Hilarious! That pic of Matty the Monkey?! come on, how is he doing that?!

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