Sunday, February 13, 2011

emptying the camera...

These pictures date as far back as last October.  They are pictures that I love but for some reason or another they never made it off the camera!

The boys LOVE driving their cars and tractors...this is from when they first started doing it.  Taking the tractor for a little off-roading!

Baby in a basket!

This was when they first got their little chairs!

Doubling on the car

All three of the fellas with one of the cars.  Matthew sure looks like Lucas in this picture!

 More doubling!

Aunty with two of the boys!

 Sitting at their table...I think that this was the first time they say they rarely sit and ALWAYS climb!

One day the boys got into my apron drawer and they wanted to wear them SO badly!  They would not give up.  When I put this one on Nathan it ended up looking like a super adorable little sundress!

Brothers playing on the cuddle chair!

So much fun!

The night we tried Matty in the big boy bead...he laid there like a little angel drinking his bottle.  We turned out the lights and went out to the kitchen.  For about 5 minutes or so it was quiet...we thought "man this is easier than we expected", then we heard the bottle hit the floor and within second Matthew was out in the kitchen!  We put the crib back in and he went to sleep.  We are still waiting on the other two beds to arrive and then we may try the transition again!

My little Luc!

Silly Nate

 Matty sneaking some kisses

Nathan James

Matthew Owen

Playing with Dad through the gate, so funny!!!

These ones are fairly recent...they are loving to ride on their shopping carts!!!  They knock them over, get on, and then usually one of their brothers will come and push them!

Matty waiting for a ride!

sometimes when they get on them they break...



And that's all!!!


Twin Engines said...

You're already doing big boys beds?! AAAAGH! Mine are 20 months and we are staying put in the cribs until they figure it out. And then...we're in trouble.

Kelsey said...

oh my GOODNESS! I go through this everytime...but Could they be any cuter? nathan kissing the stuffed blanket it, and oh my god, their haircuts...or should I say hairCUTES? bahahaha are HAIRlarious!!!

Tim and Darcy said...

OMG! My kids are 3 and still in cribs! We really need to transition, but are trying to wait until we move. Precious pictures!!!

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