Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bathing Beauties!

We are now bathing the boys we I mean John and by everyday I mean almost everyday!  After supper John takes the boys in and gives them a bath, and I clean up the supper mess (may not sound like much fun but when I am doing it without three little munchkins pulling on my pants it is actually quite relaxing!)  Anyways, when the boys are done their bath John dries them off and they come running out of the bathroom with the CRAZIEST hair!  I just love it!

Here is Luc's from the had already fallen a bit by the time I grabbed the camera!

Nathan James...and a brother bum! (When I took the picture I did not notice the bum there and then when I uploaded it to my computer and saw it I thought that it was too cute not to post!!!)
 AHHHH!!!!  There was a bum in my face!!!

Matty and his crazy time I will take it against a white background!
 Luc trying to knock the water out of his ears!  And just for the record the scrathes under his eye were self-inflicted...not brother inflicted!


Kelsey said...

I love their crazy hair too, what funny little fuzzheads! Whose bum was that? He'll be rubbing that in Nathan's face for a long time to come! The picture, not his bum!! hahaha

Erin Schulha said...

LOVE the bum picture Stace and Nathan's reaction!! Definitely too cute not to post!

Twin Engines said...

The bum pic is the best! What I love is that we can't tell whose bum it is, so it's not really incriminating, right?

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