Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Rainbows

Usually when the fellas wake up from their nap we play in their room for a little bit and then we head out into the hall and catch the rainbows!  Around when they get up the sun is at the exact right spot to cast rainbows all over the hall!  so. much. fun.

Here is Nathan hard at work

Matthew squinting as he tries to catch one!

Caught it!
 Busy little hands working together to catch a big one!

They are so fascinated when they have one on their hands!  Adorable!

Almost got it!

I don't really think that this one needs a caption!

This one kept getting away!  He would step back and there it was...then he would step forward...into the light and it was gone again...you can see it on his back...those sunbeams are tricky business!
 Where did it go???
 Nathan thinking "I can't believe it got away again!!!"
 Maybe it's hiding in here!

 Look...here's one!

Got him on the nose!
 Did you see that mom???
 Caught it again!
 hahaha, I love this one!

Still at it!

Lucas missed out on the rainbows today because he was still napping away!  By the time he got up the sun had passed!  Good thing it will be back again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to help catch the rainbows. Could that be one of my convention sessions?

Kelsey said...

Oh how I love these pictures! The last one of of Luc might be my fave though! hahaha, what a funny guy!

Anonymous said...

What fun! These are wonderful pics!Should absolutely be a convention session.

Tim and Darcy said...

These are SO sweet!!!

Ami said...

I love it! Our kids try to catch the sunbeams in our upstairs hallway, but I've never seen rainbows! Those pictures are too stinkin cute!! Great post Stacey!

Twingle Mommy said...

What cute pictures! I've never thought to do this. I will try it tomorrow with my 3.

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