Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More fall pictures!

I know, I know I have already posted fall pictures...but I just LOVE the fall colours, and I LOVE these boys!
Mel and I took our fellas out to play in the leavs are a few of my favs...
Our Outdoor Nate!Lucas on the go.
Always on the run!

(just a quick side note about Matty and his running...lately he has been running everywhere! He will run from one side of the room to the other, turn around and run back...over and over and over!)
The boys seemed to be more interested in the outdoor gym than the leaves today...super hard to keep them away!

We decided to move them to te other side of a bunch of trees so they could not see the gym anymore. It worked. At least for a little bit!
oohhh. a stick!
we all love sticks!
but maybe not the taste of sticks.

Lucas and the stick!
Although it is hard to see, this is the only picture that we have with all 5 of the boys...can you find them all?
Bones has some competition!
Thoughtful Matthew
Thoughtful Nathan
just being cute!
Nathan ready for his close-up


Anonymous said...

Loved the one of the three of them running to the "fit park". You better make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. At least this time they were all running in the same direction.
Love ya

MANDI said...

Love fall pictures too! Your guys are so cute and these are really great photos!

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