Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sorry for the delay in blog posting...the internet was down...I was going CRAZY!!!
Today Mom, Kels and I took the boys to Starbucks and Chapters. The boys were SO funny running around looking at the books, the stuffed animals, the trains...and the jewlery (unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the last one!)
Here are the fellas in their flood pants checking out some books with Grammy. I am not quite sure how their pants got pushed so far up!Nathan loving a straw!
Can you tell what book Lucas found....GRUMPY BIRD!!! It is one of their favorites at home...we actually have two copies because one has been worn into 10 pieces!
Checking out some stuff!
This was the other book that the boys took intrest in...kind of fitting for a triplet!
2 more sleeps until Daddy gets home, we can't wait!


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