Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today John and I took the fellas to the pumpkin patch. I think that it was the nicest day outside since mid July. I got this picture of the temperature at 25 but it did reach 27! What a beautiful September day!Here are my four fellas on the wagon getting a ride over to all the fun stuff :)
The first place that we went was the picture place...I think that they had a better name for it but I can't remember what it was. We had the entire barn to ourselves so we took some pictures and then let the fellas do some exploring! They loved it!
Here are our three little loves.
It was so hard to get them all looking at the camera. We got that last one and then Nathan dropped his gourd...way more interesting than the camera! hahaha
Matthew doing some exploring...
We plopped the three guys down in front of the pumpkins sign because John always calls the boys his three little pumpkins...this was the best that we could get!
Nate Dogg on the run
Our tall little boys!
We had the entire bale maze to ourselves, the boys were all over the place!
Momma and the boys
Since we had everywhere to ourselves there was nobody for us to ask to take a picture of all five of us together...we tried to do it ourselves and this was the best that we could get...we will work on the self portraits!
Playing in the hay!
Daddy and Lucas pointing at the pumpkin canon, I love this picture...and the canon, that thing was unreal. It shot the pumpkins over a mile!
Playing with the big bouncy balls!
Nate riding the bull
Luc going for his 8 seconds
Matty holding on tight!
Time to pick the pumpkins...

Lucky for us the boys all ended up at the same this year we only needed to buy one! I am sure that this will be the last time that happens :)


Ami said...

Those are some adorable little boys! You got some great photos!! Now I'm even more excited for our annual pumpkin patch trip! :)

The Roths said...

What a great family day! Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

Darcy said...

These pics are great! I can't wait to do pumpkin patches this year! And I actually LOVE the self-potrait :)

Tim and Darcy said...

That was me above...don't know why it came up like that :/

Anonymous said...

Where is the pumpkin patch?

Ali said...

Oh Stac! Looks like you had an awesome day! What fun this is getting to watch your little guys grow up. You guys are such great parents, inspirational really!

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