Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Climbing, Crawling and Sliding

Last night John brought in the play structure that the fellas got for thier birthday. They seem to be much more interested in it now that it is inside!
It took a couple of tries to convince Lucas that he should not go down head first!
Nathan quickly caught on that it was safest to go down feet first!
Matty Bear
All three boys made it to the top!
Taking a little break
Nate heading through the tunnel to check out the fort!
Lucas as the king of the castle and Matty clawing his way to the top.
The Lizard
Crawling up...and yup we still have not cut their hair yet!!!
from this angle it does not even look like he needs a haircut :)
Checking things out.
Made it to the top

Matthew trying to get the anumal train up to the top...not a good idea. Shortly after this attempt toys were banned from the slides!
Nathan almost ready for bed...and looking like he needs a haircut again hahaha
yes for sure needs a haircut!
Laughing Lizard!
So we have one night down and 9 or 13 (we do not know John's schedule yet) to go until Daddy gets to come home...we miss him A TON already!


The Roths said...

We are so happy to see that they love the little play ground! We will be over soon to play with them.

Ami said...

That's the same play gym thingy my kids play with at Colton's doctor's office! They love it! I said I'd have to remember it come Christmas time....glad to see yours having fun with it!!

K & S said...

Hang in there, you can do it! Hubs travels a lot, too. I WISH WISH WISH we had room in here for that climber - I'm sure it would be a lifesaver!

Anonymous said...

Lucas is such a little dare devil!! and I love their little hockey wings! put a hat on them and they will look SO much like john in hockey hair days! haha

on another note, I was SO excited to leave my first post as an official follower but I don't remember my password I guess, grrrr

aunty k

Amy and Andrew said...

They are growing up too quickly!

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