Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New use for high chairs...

The boys have decided that sitting and eating in their highchairs is no fun these days. Instead they would like to graze during the supper hours (I sit on the floor with their supper and they eat a bite and then off they go, a little while later they will come back for another bite). They have however found a new use for the highchairs...

they LOVE to drive them around... peek-a-boo
cute little bum!

this one is focused on the wrong thing but I love the team work here and the expression on Luc's face!

everyone find their own chair...

When they are not driving them, they are playing under them!

too cute not to put up :)

Baby NateI put the highchairs back because I thought that they were done...they had another idea, so here is one of the boys squishing in behind the chair so he can push it out again!

look what I did momm!

Daddy comes home tomorrow!!! One more sleep :)

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Anonymous said...

Way too funny and I love their shirts! GAK

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