Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pants optional party

Since John is gone and Adam is gone Mel, Bennett and Gavin came over this afternoon for some playtime and supper. The boys wanted to play with Bennett SO BADLY!!! Everywhere Bennett went, there were three little fellas right behind him. He was playing with some cars on the couch and had one baby to his left, one to his right, and one behind him with his hands on his shoulders! He turned around to his mom and said "the babies are getting me, the babies are getting me"...SO FUNNY!!! Then he decided to get away from them so he moved to another couch and turned around and said "the babies are coming, the babies are coming"...I could not stop laughing!
We played upstairs and then we played downstairs, and then we ate upstairs and then we played upstairs. One by one all five of the boys one way or another lost their pants! To be honest my boys spend a lot of time running around without any pants on!
Here are the five pantless fellas playing in the kitchen! I love these boys!


Tim and Darcy said...

OMG! I can't keep ours dresses AT ALL!! I've been thinking up a post about our nudist colony here - ugh. Lol!

Tim and Darcy said...
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