Friday, July 9, 2010

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Our main activity for our second day in "Seattle" was the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was a little loud while we were getting ready so we put an episode of GLEE on and it was a total kid magnet/mute button! I kind of wish this was a video because they were all dancing too! SO FUNNY!!!We finally made it to the zoo after a couple of GPS recalculations! Here are the boys pumping up the tires in the strollers!
When we got in the first thing we did was the aquarium. ALL FIVE boys LOVED these fish!!!
Nate could not get enough :)
Here is Daddy and Lucas checking out some of the animals.
Notice anything funny about this picture???
There is the missing baby!!!
Since it was SO HOT out we got some ice cream for the boys. We were in the polar bear area and there was a man doing a talk on some interesting polar bear facts. Even though he had a speaker on I doubt that anyone could hear him because whatever babies did not have the spoon in their mouth were SCREAMING!!! I could not get that spoon around fast enough. Needless to say we left pretty soon after this!
After the zoo we stopped at a little fish and chips/burger shack on the beach...yum yum yum! Here is John feeding the boys some snacks while we were waiting for our lunch.
Tailgate party!

After our lunch we headed to the Seattle premium outlets. It was way too hot (38 degrees) for the babies...and most of the adults too. I ended up bringing our fellas back to our air conditioned hotel early and then Mel and I went back to do a little baby free shopping after supper!

And did I mention how H.O.T. it was???

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