Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful British Columbia

Today was the day that our first overnight road trip as a family began. We got up at midnight, loaded some last bags, the fellas, and we were on the road by 12:30!!! I am sure that it sounds crazy but it was a giant success!!!!

Here are the boys after we woke them up and loaded them into their carseats, such happy little campers!Our first stop was 6 hours later in Revelstoke. We filled up and then woke the boys up so that we could feed them. It was their first time in a Tim Hortons...and they LOVED it!!!

When we left Revelstoke we put on one of the GLEE cds and next thing we knew we were in Kelowna! Adam and Gavin came out to the corner to meet us and show us where to park. We clocked Adam at 20km/hr, impressive!!!

We got the boys out and let them crawl around for a little bit and then, the Roth's, and LMN and I packed up and went for a walk over to visit Mel's mom, and her sister's family, and so that John could try and have a nap. We also did some swimming but as you can imagine there was not any extra hands to take pictures...but I did think that their swim shirts/trunks looked pretty cute laying out in the sun to dry!

All three boys woke up like grizzly bears from their afternoon naps today, so I loaded them in the stroller we went on a walk so that John could try and catch up on his sleep a little bit more. It is so nice to walk around where it is warm and so unbelievably BEAUTIFUL!!!
Look at all these wonderful boys!!! (and wonderful Mel of course too!)
After supper we went and checked into our hotel. It is absolutely deluxe, and I LOVE IT!!! We thought that we would bring the boys up first and then the few things we needed...but it did not quite work like that!!! We did get the boys up first and then John went back down to grab what we thought we needed, turns out it took 5 trips down to get everything we needed, which was pretty much everything that we had stuffed into every nook and cranny in the entire vehicle. The hotle room currently looks like we have moved in and are planning on staying for quite awhile...not just the one night!!!
Here is John reading the boys Grumpy Bird, oh how they LOVE this book!!!
Lucas listening to his favorite story!
Tired Matty Bear
Watching the end of the Blue Jays game.
The boys were crazy about the air conditioner!!! They just stood there laughing for probably close to twenty minutes, way too cute! Their hair was blowing in the "breeze" and they could not have been happier!
They also thought the curtains were good for playing peek-a-boo!
John has just gone out to get us an ice cream and the boys are fast asleep in their pea pods. I wanted to post a picture of their sleeping arrangement but I did not want to wake them up by taking the picture...maybe I will be a little braver tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy your first day went well. I hope all the others are the same. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

true that

(to what mom said)

aunty k

Amy and Andrew said...

So glad your trip is going well. Loved the update and we are thinking of you and your boys for the remainder of your trip! xo

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