Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Westerner Days Parade

Today we took the boys to their first ever parade. I was a little bit nervous because I have heard about babies HATING the parade and crying the ENTIRE time...luckily we had three fellas that liked the parade! They waved, clapped and watched most of the parade...well at least Matty did, the other two liked it but also got fairly squirmy by the end! Here are the pictures :)

I did not want to put their shoes on until we got there because they have been known to pull them off during the car ride, so I just had them sitting in the front, I LOVE that I have these three WONDERFUL boys and all 6 of thier shoes hahaha!The gang lined up ready for the parade to start.

GG-ma and Matthew

Let the squirmming begin!

Grammy taking Nate for a little pre-parade explore.

Matty saving my spot for me, what a sweetie :)

Me and my little parade lover!

Grammy and another parade lover (Luc)

There was a group of people dressed in green in the parade and all of a sudden GAK appeared...she ran through the parade to meet up with us! Here she is with Nate the Great!

Matty showing me something in the parade.
The boys all fell asleep on the drive home...Luc with Scortchy's tail in his mouth...we rarely see him asleep without this tail in his mouth these days!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor scortchy!! Luc has been spending too much time with bones hahaha

aunty k

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