Friday, July 23, 2010

Westerner Days 2010

Today we took the boys to the fair...there was not a ton that was interesting to them until...we found the petting zoo! We took the boys out of their stroller and they absolutely LOVED the animals, they could not get enough!
Here is Uncle G and Luc in the petting zoo buildingDaddy showing Matty the GIANT horns on this guy!
Aunty K and Nate, you can just see the excitement on their faces!!!
Matty waving at the animals
Peeking in at the Alpaca...
There he is!
Luc did not want to leave the alpaca!
Mommy trying to keep Nathan out of the pen, it was a lot harder than you might think!
Nathan telling mommy about the kitties
and onto the cow, MOO
They did go into the part where the animals are not caged in but we were too busy to take any pictures in there!

and by the way the boys are FINALLY holding their own bottles (cue hallelujah music here)!

1 comment:

Danae said...

Seems like most kids love the petting zoo. What a fun trp!

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