Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All over 6lbs...Well at least at 6lbs!

So the boys got weighed again yesterday and they are still growing like weeds. Nathan is now 6lbs 8oz (that was exactly what Matthew weighed last week), Matthew is now 7lbs 5oz, and Lucas is now 6lbs (he actually weighed in at 5lbs 15oz, but I am sure that he is 6lbs this morning!).
When the dietician found out how much they weighed she said...
"The boys are doing's like they are following a "How To Grow Perfectly if You Are A Triplet" handbook!" and that is an exact quote! hahaha
Here is a picture of the boys lounging around...they LOVE the cuddle chair. I think that owning a cuddle chair is a must for triplets!
Here is Nathan and Kailey, in matching stripes, cuddling and watching OTH. I think the boys may just love it as much as we do!

Bones has become VERY protective over the boys the last little while. When the boys are all in their playpen and someone new comes in and walks up to them, she runs at them barking and growling. Here is a picture of her in "guard mode"!

Here is Matty reading one of my favorite books with me...he was very entertained!

Looking at the pictures
Boys in stripes, I love when they are in coordinating outfits!

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