Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a Day!

Today was an incredibly productive day! The day started with a visit from our public health nurse...and wow are the boys ever growing! Matthew is now 6lbs 8oz, Nathan is 5lbs 14.5oz, and Lucas is 5lbs 4.5oz! They are growing so well that they get to come off of their special formula! We also can get rid of the 4lb carseat that we had to get and they can all fit in their matching 5lb seats!
This is a picture of what one of the "feeding stations" looks like in the morning. Mom said that it looks like the morning after a baby party with all the emptys!In the mornings when the boys are up we usually put the boys together in the playpen. This morning they were all swinging at each other and eating each other. The second one of them could get their mouths around someone else's arm, fist or elbow they were sucking on it!

Matthew tried out the pouch today. He was so happy in it that he fell asleep. I even got our junk drawer cleaned out while he was hanging out in the pouch!

I had to throw this picture of Nathan in just because he looked so cute!

Mom even had a chance to get the windows cleaned today! And check out that beautiful fence behind her! Thanks Blaine and Martin :)

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