Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Boys' first Run for the Cure - Kind Of

Today was the CIBC run for the cure that our family participates in every year. I was so excited that the boys would be able to take part in it. I borrowed strollers from friends so that I would not have to take them out of their carseats, made them each a pink blanket with the special pink ribbon on them and then we woke up this morning and it was just too wet and too cold to take them out. So the boys and I hung out at home with Nana Alexander until the walk was over and then went over to GG-ma and GG-pa's for the post-walk party.
This picture is actually not from today but it was WAY TOO CUTE not to post! I love how Lucas is just gazing at Nathan. He looked at him like this for probably ten minutes!
Here is Nathan meeting Cher and Tommy.

Matty and Great Great Aunty Robyn hanging out.
They cuddled almost the entire time we were there.

Great Great Aunty Georgia and our littlest lizard.

Little Nate gazing up at Jeff. I wonder if Nathan will like the
Ninja Turtles as much as his big cousin!

All three boys being adored by "Sinclairs".

Uncle Jim being adored by our small brown dog.

Great Aunty Sue and Lucas chillin on the couch.

Great Great Aunty Mil (although she prefers to be called the wonderful Aunty Mil) hanging out with Nathan...notice their matching outfits...the only difference is that Aunty Mil does not have a teddy bear in her pocket...I think.

Great Aunty Sue and her three Great Nephews!

4 Generations of "Sinclairs".
1 out of 7 looking at the camera...not too bad!

All the Aunties!
Here we all are!
Our biggest team yet...we are missing Aunty Karen and Mel and Carol in our picture.

And finally by request from Aunty Sue here is a picture of 6 tiny little feet, this picture was incredibly hard to take, every time we thought we had all the feet in the right spot just as I would click the camera one of the feet would disappear under the towel!
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