Sunday, September 20, 2009

All kinds of New Things...

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days. The boys have tried all kinds of new things!
Here is Lucas after his bath in his new towel!
Here is Matthew telling Lucas a VERY interesting story! In the last couple of days the boys have started "talking" to each other. It doesn't matter if they are asleep or awake, if one of them starts talking/grunting the other two "answer" back, it is quite funny to listen to! The pillow has become the boys' favorite hangout spot during the day! Today while they were snuggled up on the pillow we thought that Lucas's shoulder looked a little empty so in came the flamingo!

We set up the "entertainment center" for the boys today. Lucas was so cute looking up at himself in the mirror!

Here is Matthew in the swing...he was not quite sure what he thought about it!

I love this picture of Grammy and Nathan

I was taking a picture of Aunty K going in to give Matty a kiss and it turned out to be an action shot....just as she got in there he let out a formula burp right in her face...we will start to work on his manners hahaha.

Baby number 2 to hit the swings. Nathan seemed to enjoy it a little more than his brother did...he swung for awhile and then fell asleep!

The boys got to meet their Great Aunty Sue today. Here is a picture of 3 Sinclairs (well 2 Sinclairs and a Woods) with our three little boys!

Amber came over for a visit today and as soon as she came in we plunked her down to feed our hungry little hippo, she did a wonderful job!

Here is Great Aunty K (or gak for short hahaha) having a little snuggle time with Lucas, I love how he is looking up at her!

Anybody who has ever been to our house before probably knows how much Bones loves to bury her ball in things...well today we were all out in the kitchen and I heard her burying her ball in something...when I went in to check on her she had pulled out a package of diapers and was burying her ball in diapers...thank goodness they were clean otherwise we would have had a real mess on our hands!

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