Friday, September 11, 2009


So right now we have 2 out of our 3 boys at home. Nathan is napping in his crib and Matthew is cuddling with his Dad. Our first night went pretty good...John and I are both tired but I would consider it a success! Here are a couple of pictures from Nathan's carseat test (I forgot the camera the day Matthew did his), the ride home and a few others!
Here is Nathan in the 4lb carseat that we had to get him, completing his test...HE ACED IT!!! He looks soooo tiny in there!
Here we are all loaded in for the ride home. Both boys were so curious, they looked around the entire ride home! I can't wait until we have all three of those carseats full!

Here is Bones meeting the boys for the first time. She was very interested in their noises and smells!

Bones checking out Matthew...She would have jumped right in with
him if John was not holding her back!!!

Both boys were in the bassinet and bones could not relax, she was jumping
up trying to see them, squeaking and panting...we had to call my Dad to come and get her because she was driving us nutty, we are going to have to bring her back in small
doses until she is used to the boys.

Grandpa stopped by for a little cuddle time with Matthew...and of course to take Bones home!

Daddy and Nathan on the cuddle much better than the hospital chairs that we have been snuggling on!

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