Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are SO lucky!

I just want to start off this entry by saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that has come over to help us with feeding, burping, changing and cooking. You have no idea how much you are appreciated! There are way too many people to thank to name all the names but you all know who you are :)
John and I think that we are the LUCKIEST people to have these three wonderful boys and such wonderful family and friends!

Here is Kels's first pic with all 3 boys! Nathan's head started to tip a bit and since her hands were so full she had to use Lucas's foot to support it! What an innovative Auntie!Here is a picture of Aunty Karen feeding our little Lucas today!

Here is Matthew and Lucas cuddling on the pillow...they were so close that Lucas's nose was squished on Matthew's forehead!

Here is a picture of me and Matthew, he is such a great eater! This morning I was feeding Lucas and Matthew at the same time, Matthew finished first (no surprise) so he was laying there waiting for me to finish with Lucas and he burped himself, next step will be getting his own bottle ready hahaha!

Here is the first picture of Grammy with all three boys, I love this one!

So here is a picture of Grandpa holding all 3 boys, feeding two of them! Very Impressive! He was doing this so that I could work on this blog entry!

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Anonymous said...

Good technique Grandpa! You gotta teach me that one and I'll show you the foot support hold! haha

Aunty K

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