Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a Day!

 Today was quite a day.  It was a good day, but there were too many stories not to blog!  We had a pretty busy morning.  It started with a trip to Costco (where the tills were down and the line-ups were long) with Grandpa.  When we got home one of the boys got their hands on a container of cupcake sprinkles...and got the lid off.  I am always surprised how few sprinkles it takes to decorate a cupcake...but now that I know a single container can cover my ENTIRE kitchen, it make a little more sense!  While I was madly sweeping them up the boys went silent...always a sign of trouble!  They had taken the baby proof thingy off of our bedroom door, and the one off our ensuite door, and had unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet...at least they didn't try to flush! (and on a side note no matter what we do we can't keep them out of our room...or any other room.  We started with the things that go around your door handle, and they pulled them off.  We super glued them...and they pulled them off.  Then we wrapped them with electrical tape...and they pulled them off!  I am open to suggestions so leave a comment if you have one!)

We then had a super fun playdate with the Lansings and Roths, ate lunch, and then it was time for a nap.  The boys were making some odd noises so I peeked in and they were flipping the beds...way to go teamwork!  I ended up hauling all the bed frames out and just leaving the mattresses on the floor, hoping that with nothing to flip they would just go to sleep...not the case!  They set the beds up like a little racetrack and started running laps.  When I looked in they all had red cheeks from running so hard!  Here is a pic of their room pre-racetrack!

and the bed frames all moved out!

and just in case you can't see Nathan is "dusting" the bed frames with my blush brush that he went into our room and got while I was moving the beds!  

Since they wouldn't sleep I brought them into my bed with me to watch Curious George...they are in love with this movie right now!  We all ended up falling asleep, it was heaven!  I have always wanted to nap with them in my bed but usually they think our bed is just for jumping!  I wish that there was someone home to have taken a picture of the 4 of us all snuggled in there.  After Nate and I got up I took some pictures of the other two!

When it was time to put their beds back together tonight John wrestled one in, I wrestled one in, and then when we turned around to get the other one the boys had pulled it out of the front room, and were bringing it down the hall!  They managed to get it right into their room without even bumping any walls!

and one last picture from today of Nater snuggled up in his sleeping bag!


amber said...

I'm tired just reading this! I have some furniture that needs moving, send the boys over!!!

Ami said...

OMG! Stacey...all I can do is smile!! But man, those are some clever (and helpful) little boys!! (And for some reason, right now, my kids are also obsessed with sprinkles! :)

Jocelyn Neumann said...

Stacey I love this blog!!!! You should try tie wraps on the doorknob thingys. Have fun :)

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