Sunday, October 16, 2011

The other night...

The other night the fellas decided that at 12:00 they were done sleeping...not fun at ALL!  The boys do wake up in the night but it never takes more than a few minutes for them to fall back asleep...and they have never woken each other up before.  This night was a whole other ball game!  I can't even remember who woke up first, but when I opened the door to their room they all got up and came out.  I tried bringing them all to my bed...NO LUCK.  I tried letting them cry it out...NO LUCK.  Finally I brought them all out to the cuddle chair (for anyone who doesn't know, that is the actual name of the chair from the's not just a little nickname that we gave it, even though it would be appropriate! hahaha), and we watched toy story.  Here is a picture of the boys, SO TIRED!

They slept in a little bit but were still crazy tired all day long, and also crazy cranky!  Here they are at one point during the day.  It is SUPER rare for them to all be still at the same time!

And they also decided to not nap that day. GRRRR.  They did go to bed a little early though, and so did mama!

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Kelsey said...

LOVE that pic of those sleepy kidlets!

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