Friday, April 29, 2011


On Monday the Kawaharas came over for a visit.  We had some fun out in the sun, but perhaps the most entertaining part of the entire visit was when they were getting ready to leave.  Avery got on her coat, got on her backpack, and the decided to give each of the boys a series of hugs.  The boys rarely sit still for more than 2.7 seconds, but when she started making her rounds they all were frozen.  Matthew sat on my lap the entire time, Lucas gave her dirty looks the entire time (it was hilarious, he wanted no part in it), and Nathan could not get enough!

Here is Nathan & Avery holding hands...adorable!

Saying their goodbyes...

And one last hug (there were quite a few before this one too)

Thanks again for the visit Kawaharas...maybe next time we will make it to cow-town...or maybe not hahaha!


Ami said...

OMG! That is stinking adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love the "suspicious" orange hoodie in the background of two of the pictures.

Tim and Darcy said...

Loving the hugs! Super cute!!!

Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...

The middle picture is so my favorite. The look on each of their faces, priceless

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