Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Well Easter has come and we still have A TON of snow! So when we were outside this morning we spread it out around the yard so it will melt a little faster, the boys are pretty good helpers at this job!

A picture of Bones for John, I am sure he is missing her!

Matthew peeking at his brothers as they work on the pile of snow.

All three put to work! Before we know it we will never have to shovel again :)

Then Aunty came over and brought the boys each an easter basket with lots of fun and yummy things in them!

Checking out their goodies!

Matthew LOVED the bubbles!  He pretty much squealed the entire time we had them out!

Lucas and some bubbles!

Then I put out some eggs for the boys to collect.  At first they did a fantastic job, picking up the eggs, and putting them into their buckets...

Then they decided it was more fun to throw them into the mud instead...Luc ended up in the mud...

And so did Matthew.  Matthew's tumble was actually more into a full puddle of mud and we were all laughing so hard that I didn't manage to get a picture.

Here is how our egg hunt ended...


MANDI said...

Glad to see you and they boys had some fun in the sun!!! You catch such wonderful moments on your camera, but I bet there are millions that are too funny to capture in time... I can only imagine Matty in the mud! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Still laughing at the eggs being thrown at the fence and into the mud, and Nate's and Matthew's slow - mo falls into the mud hole.

Kelsey said...

I went back to look at Easter 2010 (it was one of the "You might also like..." ones) and wow, they've got the same faces but just look so much different haha I guess they are just such bigger boys now, not babies!

I also was admiring our works of art in the egg carton, forgot to do that this year!!

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