Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today my 4 boys and I went on a road trip to Edmonton.  We needed some things from ikea, and have been wanting to take the boys to Galaxyland so off we went!
(when I went to take my first picture of the day I realized that I forgot to put the charged battery back into the iphone pictures is all we got today!)

Here is Nathan on the way up...just reading a book, no big thing!

After Ikea we stopped at Harveys to grab lunch...the boys each ate their entire burger, I guess they love it as much as their mom and dad!

We got to the mall and found the playpark...I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I remember playing there as a kid, but was not sure if it was as good as I was!

Here are all of our shoes in one of the little cubbies...we could have spread them out though since we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

Playing in the ball pit. (they actually had a machine attached to the ball pits that took balls out from the bottom, cleaned them, and then returned them to the pit...genius!)

On the go!!!  This was the last picture I got in the playpark because we were on the run the entire time we were in there, by the time we left all 5 of us were overheated!

We decided to let the boys try one of the kiddie rides...they were not fans of all.  They actually had to stop the ride to let us off.  Once we got off we experienced the biggest public fit to date, not the funnest part of our day but we did get through it.  I am sure it won't be the last!

The boys (and I) slept most of the way home...and then Nate and Daddy had a little rest once we unloaded.  And when I say little I mean little, probably 27 cat-like reflexes allowed me to get this cute picture :)

We set-up some of our stuff tonight...and I am loving it.  I feel like we have "reclaimed" part of our house back...I hope it lasts :)

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