Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Muddle Jumping

I have said it once, but I will say it again...the boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outside, they seriously have never asked to go inside, I am sure that they would stay out all day if we would let them!

Today we got their rubber boots on and headed out. (just a funny little sidenote...we have to keep their rubber boots outside now because when they were in the house the boys would wear them from the second they woke up until they went to bed!  This was fine when they were new but now that they are muddy, not so fine!)

Anyways onto the pictures.  When I loaded them to the computer I instantly loved all 108 of the ones we took today, probably because it is the first time since last summer that we haven't had to use the flash on every one!  Anyways here are my favs...

Happy little Luc!

Nathan with some snowballs ready to throw at the garage door!

Laughing at his Daddy :)

On the run

All Smiles

then they found it...the mud!

and then Matty fell in it, and tried licking his finger his defense it kinda looks like the inside of the oreo truffles!

Then down to the puddles they went!


Matthew loved running through the water!

Two of the boys standing still at the same time long enough for me to get a picture...a rare occurrence these days!


Heading through the water!

 Matthew must have been splashed!

Nathan checking out his shadow

"Hey Brother"...if you watch arrested development think of this in Buster's voice...we say it around here quite often! hahaha

Almost a crash...but both of them made it out okay!

Look at all that snow behind the boys...My G-units just got back from their winter in Phoenix and said that this was the most snow they ever remember coming home too!!!
Just like my obsession with fall pics, I have developed one for boys in rubber boots I am sure there will be more to come :)


Twin Engines said...

Love! Our snow finally melted this week - hope yours is gone soon!

Erin Schulha said...

Love this post, so cute! I also love little rubber boots!

Joelee said...

All of the pictures ARE adorable! My four also LOVE their boots (both inside and out!). I had to laugh at how weather is so relative to where you live (and what you are used to) - the shorts and sandals behind your boys made me smile ;) Wouldn't catch me dead in shorts and sandals when snow is on the ground. hee, hee!

My Family said...

Love,love,love the pics!!! Too cute!

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