Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sizzler Brunch

Today John, the boys and I (and I guess Bones a little bit too when she wasn't out in the garage) hosted a brunch for all of the "Sizzlers". It was the biggest batch of waffles I have ever made (6x the normal recipe). I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped set-up and clean-up, we couldn'y have done it without you!
Here is Lucas reving up his little 4-wheeler, look out Bones.Ready to head out on a ride
Matthew playing catch with Cher
Nate hanging out with Aunty K
Sandy and Dorothy will be hosting the next sizzler, August long 2012. Here is Dad passing the apron to Sandy.
Hanging out on the patio
Bones and Luc looking for some scraps :)
Kevin and Kels manning the door...who knew how much fun the fellas would have climbing in and out of the house!
Almost got them all in the same picture, but notice that they are all going in different directions!
Tommy and Cher out in the gazebo
Other side of the table.
We brought the boys inside for some lunch and they quite enjoyed watching everyone from inside, maybe they will be sneaky like Sandy and Linda!

Aunty Mil and Lucas, if you think that Luc does not look impressed it is probably because Aunty Mil had just finished telling him that she does not eat babies...anymore! hahaha
Dorothy and Matty sharing some giggles!
Gramps and an upside down lizard!
I love love love Nathan's expression in this picture, could he be any happier?
Robyn and Lucas hanging out waiting for the group photo to be taken.
Kevin pulling double baby duty!
The Family
From the picture we were missing Gaelan, Jeff, Linda, Lorne, Lyle and his 3 lovely girls.
Mark, Christy, Fraser and Kolin we missed you guys too...August long 2012, pencil it in right meow! hahaha

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Gauntie Sue said...

Summer Sizzler 2010 was a HUGE HIT, and the Brunch today could not have been greater. Love those Land of Nod sticky buns, especially with a Caesar - thanks for the suggestion Cindy!!!
We had a great time, Thank You All!

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