Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our little climbers

Lately the boys have become obsessed with trying to climb EVERYTHING!!! As soon as they get their hands on something the first thing they do it pull their knee up and see if they can get up on it. Here are some pictures of them at work
Trying to get up on the window sill.Now I just had to post a series of pictures for Matthew trying to climb on this toy. First the knee pull up
He had to pull his toe with his hand because he could not quite get it high enough
Okay perfect, now the other foot
I think that I MIGHT be able to get a little bit higher. HAHAHA, and just for the record he made it down safely.
Another item to try and climb.
How many babies can get ontop of this toy?
Nathan thinking that he might be able to use the toys to get onto the rocking chair.
And finally a little suitcase balancing!
This post could seriously be about 100 pictures long, they climb everything!


Gauntie Sue said...

They'll be "climbing" Grouse Mountain with you and Grammy and Auntie K before you know it. Who says you're the only ones to do the Grouse Grind.

Anonymous said...

What funny boys! They always make me laugh!

Aunty K

MANDI said...

This morning Sam climbed into his high chair while Shaun was in the pantry... MUST be a boy thing!!!! What a bunch of little monkeys you have!

Amy and Andrew said...

Love it. I wish the post was 100 pictures long!

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