Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning when we were at the farmers market the fellas got some new with squeakers in them. I always said I would NEVER have my kids running around squeaking...then we got home and put the shoes on them and it was SOOOOO funny! What was also funny was that the squeak that the shoes made was the EXACT same squeak as Bones' soccer ball! She was going just a tad nutty with six little squeaking feet running around the backyard.
After Matthew took his first squeaky steps he became as interested in his shoes as Bones was!Out of all three boys Matthew was the most amused by his new shoes.
Here is Nathan putting up a stink about getting his shoes on.
Bones and Matty go go going!
Nathan quickly changed his mind about the shoes when he heard them squeak.
Bones checking the box to see if there is a pair (or two) for her!
Little Luc
Matthew telling Nathan how to make the best squeaks!
Lucas wandering around the yard. It still catches me by surprise to look up and see them walking, SO CUTE!
Our Nate
Lucas Christopher
Nathan thought the squeaking was pretty funny too!

Lucas on the run!


MANDI said...

I also said I'd never put squeakers on Sam and was won over by how happy they made him!!! I can only imagine the music these three make with their new shoes! Wow!

Ami said...

Oh my goodness! I want those for our little pipsqueaks! They look they are having so much fun in their new shoes! Adorable!

Amy and Andrew said...

So cute! I'm glad they are multipurpose, shoes and a toy for Bones.

Ali Winter said...

I can just imagine Bonesy going nuts! Bring them to the playdate and see how Tipsy does! Your little guys just keep getting cuter and cuter, how much cuter can they get? Seriously?!

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