Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip to the zoo - number two!

Today we made our second trip down to the Calgary zoo. When we left Red Deer it was 14 degrees and looked like it was going to maybe rain (which would have been the perfect zoo weather minus the rain because everyone says that the animals are more active when it is cool out), but when we got there it was stinking hot...28 degrees!!!
Here are the boys getting a little crawl time before being loaded into the stroller. I can't believe how much Nathan and Matthew look alike in this picture!
We quickly found the cage that was the most interesting to the boys. The Lions!
But the lions were nowhere to be found. There were people working in their cage with chain-saws, and the boys loved it! hahaha
All the boys in the Kangaroo pouch! Getting this picture was quite a challenge.
First french fries!
Amber and Matty checking out the old, wrinkley, bearded elephants!
We stopped for a quick ice cream break. I was feeding Nathan and Lucas in the back and Amber was feeding Matthew...he made this face everytime he thought he should have more...SO FUNNY!
All loaded up ready to go home!

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