Thursday, March 11, 2010

I LOVE these boys!

So the absolute funnest (is that even a word???) thing happened today...the fellas played together for the first time, melts a mommas heart! I managed to get this one picture while I was tearing up...I know I know I am such a baby!This scenerio seems to be happening more and more...the pin! I don't know if these boys are going to be wrestlers or not...but if they are Nate always seems to have the upperhand!

Just hanging out (notice Nathan ready to pin unsuspecting Matthew at any second!)

Some more playing...the picture makes it look like they are good at sharing...which is not quite the case yet!
So all of the fun pictured above we managed to fit in the 7.5 hours between Matthew's last puke and Lucas's first...that's right the flu has hit our house! Luckily Matthew and Lucas have managed to stay fairly happy throughout the whole process, unless you saw them puking you probably would not believe that they were sick

Here is Matty having a little nap
This is what he looked like while he was awake, hanging out in his housecoat (I wonder if he will grow to love it as much as his Dad does...for those of you who do not know John he has been known to shovel the driveway in his housecoat AND he once delivered a few hockey jerseys to my school one morning WEARING HIS HOUSECOAT!!! Last time I forget my jersey on jersey day!!! HAHAHA)

And here is our Little Lizard snoozing
And this was the "awake" picture that I got of him!!!
We are keeping our fingers crossed that Nathan can make it through without catching this but if he does we just hope that he is half as happy as the other two have been!
7:45 - Blog Posted
7:52 - CRAP, thats three! Nurse GAK is on the way!

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