Friday, March 26, 2010

Passport Photos

So I have been trying to get the fellas their passport pictures for quite some time now {well actually only a week but it feels like forever}. We started off by going to AMA last week...I packed the boys into the car, drove to AMA, got out of the car and into the stroller, got inside only to find out that their camera was not working, but the suggested I try walmart. It was kind of chilly and windy out so I made sure that the boys were all covered up and we walked over to walmart...they were short staffed so they could not do it...they suggested I try London once again I make sure the boys are totally covered and we walk over to London Drugs...they do not take childrens passport photos...grrr. So needless to say I gave up for that day and decided to try again another day. We ended up booking an appointment to have them done at Highview Photo...they were AMAZING!!! It was a challenge to get a picture of the boys NOT smiling...what a dumb rule! And luckily they do not have any full teeth yet because then they would have had to have their mouths closed too...who comes up with these rules??

Anyways here are our final pictures!

So notice I said it was a good thing that they did not have any full teeth yet...they are all starting to get one though. Lucas was the first {good job to those of you who guessed it would be him}, and Matthew and Nathan were less than a day behind! I did my best to get a picture of their mouths but it turned out to be even harder than getting one of them not smiling...this is what I did get...

Nathan's {he was not cooperating much but I did not want him to feel left out so this is the best one I got...and yes I know that you can not see his "tooth"...I just think it is cute}
Me and my Matty


KimnSteve said...

You are a tenacious woman - I would have given up a lot sooner with twins! If our scanner were working, I'd post our boys' passport photos. We were dangling them in the air at Walgreen's - our hands are under their armpits!

Tim and Darcy said...

OMG. Where are you guys going that you need passports? We're going to Maui in June and I am freaking out about the 5 hour flight :/

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