Sunday, March 21, 2010


My 4 boys and I had a fun filled Sunday all started of with a little trip to home depot! It totally reminded me of in Old School when Will Ferrell is talking about his trip to Bed bath and beyond...I don't know how much time we have...hahaha.
Here are the fellas helping Dad pick out some new tools!Just being adorable

Crusing the isles
Luc had to borrow Dad's hat when we got out into the parking lot since the sun was so bright!
We were heading over to Grammy and Grandpa's house for supper tonight and since it was a blistering 9 degrees outside we decided to walk over. Grandpa, Aunty K and Fella joined us as well!
Aunty K and Fella! Fella is lucky she is so cute because she is not quite a pro on the leash yet, although by the end she was walking like a rock star!
Matthew also borrowed one of his Dad's hats today...they seem to block a tad more sun than their own hats!
Aunty K feeding Nate when we got to Grammy and Grandpa's
Matthew patiently waiting his turn
Daddy and two of the guys!
Grandpa made spagetti (pizgetti) and meat sauce for the he is testing it out!
Matthew's first bite, he was not too sure at first...
Nathan trying it out...
Lucas being goofy!
Nate and Luc were not huge fans of the new food but Matty LOVED it! He ate a ton of it and then was happy as a clam for the rest of the night, he seriously just sat there smiling until he went to bed...spagetti seems to have a similar effect on his Daddy!

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KimnSteve said...

What a busy day! I'll bet they slept like champs - at least I hope so!

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