Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 Week Check-Up

The boys had their very first doctors appointment on are the pictures
Nathan James Alexander
7lbs 5oz
Here is Nathan getting undressed so that he could get weighed.Here is Nathan on the scale...he was a little unsure so Dad had his hand there just incase.

Dr.Atchison checking him out.

Matthew Owen Alexander
8lbs 3oz
21 3/4 in

Getting undressed...

On the scale, not quite sure what to think.

Dr.Atchison listening to his chest.

Dad getting Matty redressed.

Lucas Christopher Alexander
6lbs 11.5oz
19 1/2in

Our little lizard getting undressed.

So comfortable on the scale he did not even wake up!

Now he is awake...

Dad talking to was quite the ordeal to keep them all calm after they were done with their check-up...thank goodness Dad has the touch :)
Mom happy it is all over.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad that all of the boys are healthy and growing. WE are so proud of "all" of you guys.

Mom & Dad
Gma & Gpa

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