Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving - Take Two

The boys got to celebrate their first thanksgiving with two family gatherings and two turkeys...too bad all they got was formula! On Sunday we went over to Gramps and Nana Alexander's house but unfortunately we forgot the camera. On Monday we packed up and went over to GG-ma and GG-pa Braham's house and we did remember the camera...here are some pictures.
Here is John watching over his boys at GG-ma/pa's house. The boys love their carseats so much that they slept in them for over 2 hours after we got there!
Still sleeping.

We were all loading up on Turkey and the boys were still sleeping...

Finally they wake-up!
Anybody who know John knows that after any meal he pops up and starts cleaning...G-ma was trying to stop him...but was unsuccessfull!

G-ma, Great Great Aunty Flora and GG-ma with Nathan.

SA GG-ma and Matthew
SA GG-pa and Lucas

Great Great Aunty Flora and Nathan

Our little lizard snuggling with his Dad...his jeans are just a little big!
Falling asleep after a tummy full of turkey.
another two down for the count

and another two...just kidding, I made GAK pretend :)

Little Lucas all snuggled up in his hoodie ready to go home

Matthew in his hoodie

And little Nate in his!

I just had to take this picture of the three of them...first time in hoodies and jeans!

We thought that we better pose the boys with a pumpkin seeing as it was thanksgiving and all...we had them posed perfectly and right as the camera click Matthew started to fall over. We took about 50 pictures and sadly to say these two were the best! We might end up doing another pumpkin photo session before fall is over. I love how Nathan looks like he is doing the hula in the first one!

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