Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bower Mall here we come...

Today Mom and I decided to load up all three boys and venture to Bower Mall. We were a little nervous but hoping for a successfull trip.We loaded up in the parking lot...Matty in the Moby and the other two boys in their carseats attached to a stroller...luckily we had a nice day since it took awhile to get everyone where they needed to be!

The next time we had a chance to take a picture we were at home! Here is Mom cheering for the successfull shopping trip...

and here is Nathan cheering!

The boys all had a bath after their long (1hour) day at the mall...we are going to have to work up that time! GAK came over to help out with bathtime and she gave each boy a baby massage when they were done which they LOVED!

Here is little Nate watching the Oilers beat the Blue Jackets. This is exactly how John lays on the couch when he is watching the game...Nathan must have been watching!

And finally all three boys pooped out from their busy day and ready for bed!

These are just a few other pictures from the last couple days that I just HAD to post...
Matty chillin on the lily pad.

Matty Bear and Bones

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