Saturday, December 1, 2012

North Pole Brunch 2012

So a month since I last blogged...brutal.  Hopefully I can use our busy December to help me get back into the swing of things!

Last weekend we had a North Pole Brunch to kick off the start of the holiday season.  We had some of our most favorite people over for some fun and eats.

Before everyone arrived the boys were looking up the chimney for Santa...

Santa was not in the "chimney" but he did drop of some letters for the Alexander boys and the Roth boys.  Here is Daddy and the Dudes ripping into the letter!

Mel reading the letter to her guys

I totally LOVE these four!

We played a little, ate a little, and then there was a flash of red and a jingle at the door...


Hugs for santa!






Then all the boys gathered around Santa for a little chat!

They talked about what they wanted for christmas...
The conversation went like this...

Santa: What do you want for Christmas Luc?
Luc: blue
Santa : Blue what?
Luc: Dark blue
Santa: dark blue what?
Luc...shrugged his shoulders
Santa: alright...What about you Nate?
Nate: Red Candy
Luc: (points at himself) Dark Blue candy
Santa: no problem, what about you Matthew
Matt: Dark Green candy

And that was kids each want a candy...done.

Santa brought some breakfast beer for the daddies...

And brought his elf friends to watch over the Alexander & Roth houses! 
(Mr.Jingles on the left and Gus on the right)

Then Santa read the 5 big boys a story about the elves.

and Beckam joined in for the kids and santa picture!

Little Mr.Sprunger's first time meeting the big guy

the Roth boys and Santa

My boys and Santa!

Mr.Jingles has been a mischievous little guy so far...more of his adventures to come :)


Ami said...

I. HAVE. MISSED. YOU!! I'm so happy to see you blogging again!!

Laine Brown said...

I love your blog, Stace!! Such an awesome idea to do. Hoping to use this when Madi is older : ) Enjoy December and holidays!

Aunty K said...

oh my gosh, the pics of the boys when they first see santa and running up to him are freaking PRICELESS, teared up a little, haha, so so cute! just such a perfect little memory caught just at the right time!!

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