Saturday, December 8, 2012

Airdrie Lights 2012

Last night we packed up and headed down to Airdrie to hang out with the Connolleys.  Driving down I was getting a little nervous because the outside temp was -24 when we hit Crossfield...within 10 minutes of driving the temperature warmed up 12 degrees!!!  The boys had a play, we had an A&W picnic supper and then we headed for the lights!

First thing they found was the donation box...they all packed in and before we knew it the bin was empty...they found a secret hiding spot! 

Four spot + four little dudes = awesome!

There was no line for the train ride so all four little guys piled into one seat, held on tight, and then they were off!

The Wonderful Connolleys 

Our silly guys

There was also no line for really was the perfect night!

Luc wanted no part of being on Santa's lap but agreed to stand in front for a picture.

Then we found Santa's sleigh...super fun!

Me and my four favorite guys

Me and one of my favorite gals!

Here is a pic of Mandi and I with our little guys...

2 years ago...

Just the guys

2 years ago...

We had such a great night with such a great family. Thanks for everything Mandi, Shaun and Sam!

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MANDI said...

Thanks for making the trip. One of our best play dates ever!!! I love the now and then shots - can't wait to see them grow and continue to squeeze onto the couch for years to come.

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