Sunday, December 30, 2012

Instagram Memories

Here are some pics from instagram so far this winter...I may have posted a few of them already but I want to make sure I never forget these awesome times we have had!!!

Afternoon at the hill with my fellas! Love them to pieces!

here they go...

Toboganning with awesome friends followed by 2 for 1 starbucks, doesn't get much better.  The only thing missing was @jdrama8

me and my man at the RHCP concert! so. much. fun!

Good night for the pup!

Look who stopped by to read a story to the five little dudes and deliver Gus and Mr.Jingles!

Perfect December night at the Airdrie lights with on of our fav little families.  A&W picnic supper, visit with my long lost friend, train ride, santa, and a venti Starbucks for the drive home...AWESOME!!!!

Painting with Amber!

Mr.Jingles at it again!

Attempt at a group shot...missing 3 of the kiddos! Perfect night at the hill with the Roths! Love you guys

My audience every. single. morning while I get ready!  Love them to pieces...even if they were up at 5:20 this morning!!!

My save-on-foods friend Elaine just popped by with some muffins and fresh baked bread!!!

Present wrapping night in the Alexander household!!!

Crazy ol' jingles going for a reindeer ride!

Finishing up christmas cards and my momma just stopped by with a Starbucks!  Love nights like these!

My little artists back at it! hahaha

Tacky christmas sweater day at evms!

Mr.Jingles didn't like the way we decorated the he took matters into his own hands...and secured his place on the naughty list!

Three batches of reindeer food ready to go for tomorrow night!

Bike ridin fools!!!

Playing in the gym with my 4 favorite dudes! Luc was not really mad...before the picture he said "luc make mad face" hahaha

My little scientists!  Who doesn't love playing with baking soda and vinegar!!!

A bunch of my favorites headed down the hill

Another perfect afternoon! Toboganning (kind of), skating (kind of) and a round of 2 for 1 starbucks!

Movie night with the mamas and the littles

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