Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Walk

Our advent activity today was to head out on a winter walk.  We went out on a long one and then the boys shovelled and played in the yard for a bit...these pics are from the yard play.

I asked the boys to stand by each other so I could take a picture...they decided to lay down.  When I was done they looked at each other and Luc said "that not fun" and the other two nodded their little heads. HA 


Some rosy cheeks coming inside!

The aftermath...


Aunty K said...

yay for posts!! aftermath pic is my hilar...I'm guessing I'll see everything just like that next time I'm over, well unless JOhn is home first hahahaha

Ami said...

Okay, well the last pic makes me grateful we live in hot weather! So many fewer clothing items to be shed!! lol!!

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