Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meeting the Bunchkins

When we first found out that we were having triplets I did what I think most people would do...I googled it!  My google search came back with a blog that quickly became one of my favorites!  Ami's triplets were born about 5 months before the boys.  When I came across her blog the Bunchkins had just turned one month old.  It was great to get a glimpse into our future, and to see just how much fun was in store for us!

Over the years I feel like Ami and I have become friends...I am sure it sounds crazy, but through emails, blogging, and facebooking it was like we actually knew each other.  We are VERY similar, and living parallel lives...except hers is in a warmer climate :)

Anyways when I went down to phoenix a couple of weeks ago my dad and I drove down to Tucson and we actually got to meet in person!  SO. MUCH. FUN! (Darcy get ready for a triplet mommas trip can't miss the next one :))

Me, Ami, and the Bunchkins!

Ami and I


Ami said...

It really is crazy how you can instantly be reaffirmed that you and someone you've only just 'met' are completely similar! I'm SO glad you made the drive! I had such a great time meeting you finally! Hunter has talked about how trip to Target with "your friend Stacey' several times since! Can't wait to do it again! And yes, Darcy, we need you in on the next meet! :)

Joelee said...

How much fun to meet in person!!! What a crazy/fun world that we live in that makes 'meeting' people (who live far away) possible. :)

Tim and Darcy said...

AAHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOOOOVE this almost TOO MUCH!!!! I'm soooo excited you guys ACTUALLY met! And yes, I NEED to be in on the next meet! Sorry for all the CAPS ;)

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