Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today Mel and I took our boys to Guzoo.  It is right by the small town that my grandparents used to live in so we went all the time when we were younger.  I was SO excited to take my kids to somewhere that I remember being so fun as a kid!

We got there and the boys took off in three different directions...as per usual! hahaha

The first stop was in with the guinea pigs!

I know this picture is blurry but I NEVER want to forget this moment!  Nate got close to the puppy to give him a hug and the puppy reached up and "bi#$% slapped" him.  Nathan laughed almost as much as I did!

My little Nater James

Matty petting one of the little kitties.

Luc and the little orange "titty tat"

VERY important stop after the petting zoo!  HAND SANITIZER!

Nate showing me something...

This little guy was out and about...the boys quite liked him!

So I wish more than anything that this was a video.  The boys took off running and the bird must have taken it as a challenge because he took off running too!  SO FUNNY!

Luc and Gavin looking in at the tiger.

All 5 boys and one of the basset hounds checking out another tiger.

Checking out "Simba"

and off they go again!

 goats goats goats!!!

Matty getting brave

going in for a pet!

Nathan and one of the baby goats!

And off they went again!

The  boys ran all the way to the edge of the fence and then Nathan had his first public "accident". And after that the wheels kinda fell off...I was carrying a naked bummed Nate, Luc decided he did not want to wear shoes anymore, and Matty decided he didn't want to wait!  It did all work out though :)

and we made it to lunch :)

Me and my three little dudes :) love them SO much!

Me and Mel

The dudes loaded up ready to go home!  Super fun trip!


MANDI said...

I absolutely love the b**** slap shot! You can still see the follow through off it!!! I laughed out loud and cannot believe you caught that moment with your camera. Great post!

Aunty K said...

agreed, the slap shot is HILARIOUS! looks like nate even thinks its funny!! That dog looks like the crankiest old thing, so funny!

Either that one or that one of you and Mel is my fave, you guys looks GREAT!

Mommy Squared said...

Awwww! Yeah! Looks like such a fun day! Making summer memories....

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