Sunday, July 3, 2011

Working in the Garden

We decided that this time John was home we would put a good dent into some of our yardwork, and boy did we ever!  I wish that we had taken before and after pics to show all of the progress that we made!

We started by heading out and getting some plants...the fellas each picked one...

Matthew and his pick

Nathan and his (he loved tickling his brothers with his grass!)

Lucas and his pick!

Today while we were planting the boys were "helping"

Luc managed to stay clean, but did get a mosquito bite on his forehead

Nathan did not manage to stay clean

and neither did Matthew!

Climbing up the slide

A close-up of Luc's bite

Dirty Nater

Matthew not impressed with something...maybe the taste of dirt?!?!  hahaha


London Cleaners said...

The kids look great on the pictures. Really cute. They seem to have helped a lot :))
Regards! :))

Kelsey said...

just love love love that top pic, each boy in his own wagon holding his own little piece of nature! too cute!

Twin Engines said...

Sounds like fun! The skeeters got my Nathan badly yesterday, despite the spray. Some people are just more delicious to them.

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